Hiccup: The great race

Hiccup is the name of a little foal, descendant of the largest racehorse dynasty ever known. As expected, his parents, Kinky and Thunderbolt, had deposited in his son, the continuation of his successful tradition. But apparently, Hiccup didn’t have the same dream, causing a family commotion and the beginning of a great adventure.
Our protagonist goes out in search of his dream, meeting Whiskers, the mice, the horses and the children of a large house, which will change everyone’s life for ever.

Parents often have dreams for our children. Since we know that they come to this world, we begin to think about their future and we can make the mistake of projecting our frustrations, poverties, traditions and dreams on them.

“I started writing this book in 2013, when I knew that my son was coming to this world. Like many parents, my mind began traveling in time, thinking the best for him. That’s when I decided to write this book, when I realized that my son’s destiny would be the result of his story, not mine, and that my duty would only be to be there for him. Our children have that: they are the cause of our greatest joys, but also of our worst fears. This book is dedicated to him, to my Hiccup, the inspirer of this story». Claudio Gregoire.